Original Restaurant

The original Pueblo Viejo restaurant in Algood, is open every day.




We make oblong tortillas fresh daily, especially for our huaraches
(Wah-RA-Ches). If you've tried them, you love 'em. If you haven't tried them, you are missing out on some seriously delicious food! Come in and see what the excitement is all about.


This is a chicken Huarache. But if you prefer, you can also get a steak Huarache. For just $7.99

Our huareches come with avocado inside the tortilla, and on the side: grilled onions, fresh diced onions, cilantro and spicial hot sauce so you can put them together any way you want! You might want to go easy on the complimentary chips and salsa, because these are pretty filling.

Huaraches originated in Mexico City in the early 1930s. Their origin was related with a stall at the shore of the La Viga navigation channel, where Mrs. Carmen Gomez Medina prepared tlacoyos.

Because of the shape of the new "invention" of Mrs. Gomez was different than a sope. or a tlacoyo, the people started to call it "huarache" (Wah-RA-che). And it stuck.



Shrimp Cocktail
Shrimp Cocktail

If you like shrimp, and spicy Mexican sauce... and avocado... you'll drool over our Shrimp Cocktail!...
only $12.95

Try it!  You'll LOVE it!


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